Turtle feeding time in Batu Bolong

Every year on April 22nd millions of people around the world join together to show their support for environmental causes everywhere. Since first being recognized in 1970, Earth Day has become a global phenomenon - with celebrations, conservation projects and volunteer opportunities being hosted in over 192 countries worldwide.  

This year, Earth Day Network is setting its sights on endangered species; emphasizing the need to educate ourselves, act accordingly and protect our fellow species as we strive towards a more conscious and balanced future.

Some of the species being highlighted are among the most well known and cherished marine animals - including coral reefs, sea turtles and whales. So in honor of Earth Day and this year’s theme, here’s a video of one of my more memorable moments from this past year. I hope you enjoy getting to see this friendly turtle’s feeding time as much as I did, and that you find ways to support some of your favorite species this April 22nd.

Interested in helping make things better and be a positive force for change? Educate yourself on the issues that matter most to you - be it endangered species,  resource conservation, or climate change - and look for local ways you can contribute this year.

Frederick Smith